for course providers

For Course Providers:
Associations and Real Estate Schools

REBAC-licensed course providers enjoy the best of both worlds—they deliver top-notch real estate education opportunities to their current and prospective members while also earning an exceptional source of non-dues revenue. Over 30 courses are available through the REBAC delivery system!
If you aren’t already a licensed course provider, please learn more about the benefits of REBAC’s education program, hear from other course providers, and find out how your organization can join the REBAC team.
If your association or real estate school is already a REBAC-licensed course provider, we hope you’ll find everything here you need to facilitate your success, including marketing tips, and more.
“We’ve experienced huge success with the ABR® course over the past two years, credited largely to positive word-of-mouth promotion between members as well as the incredible support we have received from the staff at REBAC. Recognizing the quality of the course content and instruction, members have been willing to drive great distances to attend classes and are eager to discover when the next REBAC course will be made available.”

-Bill Fowler, Director of Industry and Government Relations, Alberta Real Estate Association